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My lastest story. . .

banyak yg terjadi dan sastra jepang sangat gak gampang . . . TT________________TTb
pasti bisa!
wish me luck!
 This project is about getting you to talk freely for 30 minutes. The first session was with RUKI (the GazettE) and Shou (Alice Nine). It was Shou's first time talking with his senior like that, so he had the tendency to be nervous.

Shou: I did (laughs). But one would get nervous. He is my senior after all.

Takeru. That's right. I really look up to RUKI, so he's someone I would like to try talking to. Is he scary?

Shou: No. He's really straight-forward, and he's a really nice person, so even though it's odd for me, the junior, to describe him like this, he has a really cute personality. Since he's a person who was raised in a vertically-structured society, you really have to respect that about him.

Takeru: Yes. That's right. I understand.

You don't often get to see each other, do you? Even though you're from the same company.

Shou: We don't. Even if we do things like events and such together, we don't really have much time to speak.

Which is why we chose Shou and Takeru for this part.

Takeru: Thank you very much! I'm glad!

Shou: Likewise. He seems like an interesting person. I've always wanted to try having a proper chat with him. I did once do an interview with him and Shin (ViViD) for a magazine, but I don't know that much about Takeru. I want to know more about him.

Takeru: But Shou is the only senior in our company who would invite you out to eat!

Shou: Oh, right. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I asked and he accepted (laughs). But there are still many things that I don't know about him yet, so I'd like to take this time to have a proper chat with him.

Takeru: Sure! The pleasure is all mine!

Shou: I like history, so if I were to compare Takeru to a historical figure, I think he would be someone like Oda Nobunaga. If we were to talk about Kou U and Ryuu Hou, Kou U is the type with excellent abilities and great leadership. Although Ryuu Hou had no abilities, he's the type of person who is blessed with plenty of subordinates. If I had to say which type I was, I'd say I'm the latter, but I think that perhaps Takeru is the exact opposite of me. Is that right? I'm the kind to observe how the other person moves, but since Takeru is charismatic, he'd perhaps be the type to make the first move.

Takeru: I don't know. I can't really tell since we're talking about myself, but I do think I'm rely on my senses too much. I'm really bad at expressing myself, so I end up just making the first move. That's how it is.

Shou: I'm good at expressing myself. When I was a child, I paid too much to people's facial expressions, but I couldn't explain things well. That's why I constantly thought "What should I do in order to express this?". I read a lot of books too. That's why I'm good at expressing things to the other person.

Takeru: That's right. I can't really express things well. Or rather, I don't express myself. But when you take a look at things like lyrics, you can see that the way we perceive things and the way we express things are quite different. With Shou's lyrics, aren't there a lot of comparisons to things that aren't concrete, like space? But my lyrics are more about the concrete things. Shou mentioned earlier that we're exact opposites, but he might even be the person most different from me amongst all the bands in our company. Even though our band style is completely different, aren't RUKI's lyrics really realistic? He often writes lyrics in a straight-forward manner with respect to things that actually happened. I do often think that I want to write lyrics that are similar to Shou's lyrics, but I just can't write them, so I feel that our senses are different. I think the lyrics he writes are suited to Alice Nine. The lyrics don't paint the whole story. If I were to compare Alice Nine's music to films, I think it'd be like French films. Even if you can't see the whole thing, you still get a proper view from the fragments.

Shou: I see. That might be so. You actually pay attention to us (laughs)

Takeru: Of course! I always listen to your new releases! I always listen to both what my seniors and juniors release. I also watch all of their music videos.

Shou: You're so avid, Takeru.

Takeru: I'm just scared. If I don't collect such information, it seems like I wouldn't be able to catch up. It's scary. I'm a coward, you know.

Shou: You're a coward?

Takeru: Yes, an extreme coward.

You don't seem that way to me. But that's unexpected.

Takeru: Yes, very unexpected (laughs). But I do my best to not appear that way, and act brave and full of confidence (laughs)

Shou: I see. That'd admirable.

Takeru: I always set goals, like "I want to be like this at this one-man live" or "I want to take this single to those lengths", and do my best to achieve that, but I've never been able to achieve it. That's why I think I can continue being in a band. I think that a part of the avidity Shou was talking about is also cowardice. What makes me think things like "Should I do it like this?" or "What should I do so I can reach that point?" is cowardice, like "I have to this in order to reach that point" or "I can't reach that point unless I get past this. What should I do...?". I think that that cowardice sometimes appears to be avidity.

Shou: I see. The way I go about doing my band activities is with this feeling of wondering "How will this life I've lived affect the rest of the world?", so I don't experience what Takeru does. But I can really respect the attitude Takeru has. It's something I don't have.

Takeru: But people tell me that I think too much about things... That's also a part of my personality...

How do you see Shou, Takeru?

Takeru: Is it okay if I speak not from a junior's point of view, but as a listener of his music? I'm sorry if I offend you.

Shou: No, no. It's fine (laughs)

Takeru: Although Shou said that he's the type "with no talent, but blessed with subordinates", to me, I get the impression that Shou protects his band with his life. I've come to think that way even more so now than before. The first time I listened to Alice Nine was in "Kasou Musou Shi (A mini-album that was released in November, 2005)". At that time, I had given it a listen at a CD shop and ended up buying it.

Shou: Oh, thank you (laughs)

Takeru: Ahahaha. No, I should be thanking you; I'm always in your debt (laughs). I was interested in the music of course, but also the androgyny, and the blending of Japanese and Western style concept that they had. Ever since then, they've been recreating themselves, and I thought that was interesting. Just watching them gives you plenty of motivation. I think that bands are living creatures, and I think that Shou's band really is that way. I see Shou as someone who looks at the band objectively, and plans their course. Sorry for sounding so rash.

Shou: No, I'm really happy. I'm glad that I was able to hear an honest opinion rather than compliments that don't come from the heart. And yet last time, I was praising the GazettE to no end (laughs). But I could only say those things because I really think that way. Complimenting someone right in front of them is embarrassing, but I could only say those things precisely because I think the GazettE are a cool band. I'm not someone who can tell lies. If I really didn't think they were cool, I wouldn't be able to say it. I do think they're cool. I like what Takeru said because he wasn't lying. I think that's amazing that he's so direct.

Takeru: Thank you very much. I often get criticised for being too direct though (laughs). I also say things in a way that make people worry... I just can't express myself well.

Shou: It's because you're so direct that you become the target of criticism. I think that it's proof of just how much attention people pay to you, Takeru. It's a good thing. I always go about things in a round-about way, so I don't really get criticised (laughs)

Takeru: Ahahaha, that's right (laughs). Thank you very much. I'm glad that you phrased it so nicely. You said that you've always been reading books, but what kind of books do you read?

Shou: I read a lot of Agatha Christie's works. It's more like escaping from reality. I like the world of imagination. I also often read Edogawa Ranpo's works and Miyazawa Kenji's works. I like abstract things. I like mystery and fantasy.

Takeru: I really get why you like Agatha Christie and Edogawa Ranpo. I really like Edogawa Ranpo's works too.

Shou: Right. Huh? That reminds me, you haven't really tried to make me ease up today (laughs)

Because you're not overly formal today (laughs). I met RUKI after the talk you two had, and he was like "The next part is with Shou and Takeru, right? Tell me how Shou goes (laughs)!". He was very keen to know (laughs)

Shou: No, no, no, please don't (laughs). But RUKI and I did get carried away talking about the "care-free generation" (laughs)

Takeru: Everyone is confused by this "care-free generation". I think that it's more like our elders are like "We'll give you flexibility, so use this flexibility". I think that the people who make proper use of this flexibility are level-headed people.

Shou: Certainly. That's right.

Takeru: But I think that a great deal of change happened during our generation. It's the same with the "care-free generation", but with the rapid popularisaton of cellphones, you can really feel that people's values are changing at a remarkable rate. That's incredibly scary.

Shou: That's right. It's not like we don't know of teh changes, but the way you perceive those changes depends on what you experienced in your time.

Takeru: That's right. Those changes happened when I was a student, or rather, when I was a kid. Promising to meet someone suddenly changed from telling them face-to-face to telling them via e-mail. Now, even if you're late, people will forgive you.

You'll now be forgiven even if you're late?

Takeru: Yeah. When there weren't things like cellphones, you had to meet at the time you agreed to meet or else. But now that cellphones are popular and you can now send e-mails, if you sent them an e-mail saying "Sorry, I'm gonna be a bit late", they won't mind.

Shou: Well now that you mention it, that's true (laughs). I got my first cellphone when I was in high school, but before that, you wouldn't know what to do if the person you were to meet didn't show up at the agreed time (laughs)

Takeru: I know, right? It was a time where you'd see many changes happening every half year, so it was really scary.

Shou: You could also feel that lifestyles were changing.

Takeru: Yes. Someone born only three years later than us would belong in the digital age! The rate of change in the world is really something else!

Shou: I'd be dumbstruck if I talked to a younger person and they said they didn't know what "Dragonball" was (laughs)

Takeru: Ahahaha.

Shou: I'd be like "Get yourself acquainted with "Saint Seiya" and "Dragonball"..." (laughs). Whether someone knows "Dragonball" or not might be a good indication as to whether I'll get along with them or not (laughs)

So it's been 30 minutes now. Why don't you make a promise to each other?

Shou & Takeru: Eh?! A promise?!

Takeru: Putting people on the spot again (laughs)

Shou: We weren't ready for that (laughs). Ah, right! How about when you go clothes shopping or something next time, you let me carry your stuff (laughs)

Takeru: What?! I can't possibly let you do that! I can't make such a promise!

Shou: It's just that I can't go shopping unless I'm alone. So it'll be like a practice run. I'm the type of person who can't go shopping with others.

Takeru: Ah! Me too! I have to go alone and focus or else.

Shou: Right. I know how you feel, so it's not like we're actually going shopping together. I just want to see what kind of things you would buy, so let me carry your things (laughs)

Takeru: Whoa~. That's quite a difficult promise to make...

Then why don't you take Shou shopping some time, Takeru?

Takeru: That's just weird!1

Shou: Ahahaha. Please finish the talk with thsoe words (laughs)

Takeru: No, no, no (laughs). But thank you very much for today!

Shou: Likewise. It was fun. Let's go out to eat some time again. Thanks.

1 Because Shou is the senior
NB: Most of the names that appear can be googled, save for "Kou U" and "Ryuu Hou", who were ancient Chinese generals dating back to about 200B.C

shouxtakeru (5) shouxtakeru (2)
shouxtakeru shouxtakeru (4) shouxtakeru (3) shouxtakeru (1)

Part 3 will be with Takeru (SuG) and Hiroto (Alice Nine)

Credit translation to english: jaeho_x3
Original: http://www.oricon.co.jp/music/column/psp/vol002.html


since MU die,now MF start to make all client's getting angryyy~ kwokwokwook!! grrrrr~ i've many video concert that not yet downloaded. and now the file has been removed!!! gaaaahh!!!! ヽ(#`Д´)ノ
ok2.. ni file2 konser yg mau saia donlott.. saia cari yg HQ eeee! dan saia cari yg rip.an! huh~
1. Alice in Wonderfilm / ALICE IN WONDEЯ FESTIVAL <= ini sama ga sih?
2. Hello, Dear Numbers
3. White Period II
4. Discotheque Play Like “A” Rainbows enter-exit
5. Untitled Vandalism 1
6. Untitled Vandalism 2 [finale; Graced the Beautiful Day]
7. Flash Light From the Past
8. Flash Light From the Past [finale; TOKYO GALAXY]
9. Prelude to Gemini
10.  Black Period I & White Period III
11. Court of 〝9〟#1- #4

yg digarisbawahi tuh ada filenya,,tapi dri 4shared..
tapi aku ga yakin itu ada smua,,kyknya ada beberapa yg ga dibikin dvd.. dan ada beberapa tambahan live di link itu.. ah- ganbatte aja lah.. =="

eh, and i searching for senkou single type B.. does anyone have?
eyeyeyeee,,btw, i found the link <333 http://www.4shared.com/get/ymuFTwiM/jrockevolution_senkou__regular.html


[TRANSLATION][IDN] ORICON's PSP (PS Company's People) 1800 vol. 01 Feat. RUKI (the GazettE) & Shou (Alice Nine) - IDN Full ver

Ciri-ciri umum dari dua orang yang berasa dari generasi yang sama?
―― Pokoknya, apapun yang ingin kalian bicarakan, tak apa-apa. Rencananya adalah, bebas berbincang-bincang selama 30 menit.
【RUKI】 Ahahaha. Tantangan yang tinggi ya. :D Aku benar-benar gemetaran. :D

【Shou】Tekananku bertambah lho.

 【RUKI】 Mari santai saja :D Ini sebaiknya tidak menjadi lebih berat. Rencana ini.

―― Kalau memang itu yang kalian inginkan, saya mengerti :D

【RUKI】 Yosh. Ok. Sebelumnya, mohon bantuannya, ya.

【Shou】 Ah, maafkan aku.

 【RUKI】 Kenapa kau tiba-tiba minta maaf! :D

 【Shou】 Oh, tidak, tidak. Maafkan aku :D

【RUKI】 Itulah kenapa! :D

 【Shou】 Tidak :D Ini adalah pertama kalinya kita berbincang-bincang empat mata seperti ini. Seperti yang kuduga, aku gugup. Kita pernah berbincang-bincang seperti ini bersama dengan personel yang lain, tapi ini adalah pertama kalinya aku berbincang-bincang seperti ini.

 【RUKI】 Benar juga. Ini pertama kalinya kita dapat kesempatan bertatap muka. Sekarang aku baru sadar.

 【Shou】 Tahun saat band-ku baru mulai, the GazettE-san sudah berjalan kira-kira satu tahun. Pada hari yang sama, kami pernah dapat kesempatan untuk tampil di panggung livehouse seperti di Takadanobaba Phase. Saat itu kami masih seperti band yang kekanak-kanakan, tapi waktu itu the GazettE-san sudah menjadi band yang luar biasa. “Mereka sudah begitu hebat ya waktu itu.” seperti itulah yang kurasakan.

 【RUKI】 Tunggu, tunggu. Akan lebih baik kalau nada suaramu diturunkan sedikit, Shou-kun :D

 ―― Ah, kurasa itu tugas RUKI-kun :D

【Shou】 Ah, maafkan aku. Aku memang agak kaku :D Ah, tambahan lagi, dia benar-benar senior yang hebat.

【RUKI】 Tunggu, tunggu sebentar :D Jangan perlakukan orang lain seakan-akan mereka itu orang tua! Kita ini dari generasi yang sama.

【Shou】 Yah, walaupun keadaannya seperti itu.

【RUKI】 Lagipula, sebelum Alice Nine terbentuk, saat Shou masih di band yang sebelumnya, aku sudah tahu keberadaannya, walaupun kami tidak pernah berbincang-bincang satu sama lain.

【Shou】 Terima kasih!

―― Karena the GazettE terbentuk pada tahun 2002, dan Alice Nine 2004 ya. Berbicara tentang band-band, Anda lebih senior dua tahun ya.

【RUKI】 Ya, ya. Aku hanya bilang aku bukan seniornya dalam hal umur.

【Shou】 Bukan, tapi, seperti yang diperkirakan, dua tahun itu jarak yang besar. Aku membentuk band visual kei-ku pertama kali di tahun 2002. Itu karena kami benar-benar masih kekanak-kanakan.

―― Saat kalian berdua baru mulai saling mengenal, kesan apa yang kalian lihat pada saat itu?

【Shou】 Tidak, aku benar-benar tidak mau membicarakan itu.

【RUKI】 Kenapa tidak! :D Tapi kita memang tidak pernah berbincang-bincang, jadi aku tidak terlalu menangkap kesannya. Hanya ada satu kesan yang aku lihat saat kita masuk ke perusahaan kita yang sekarang (PS COMPANY). Walaupun begitu, bagaimanapun juga, semuanya terlihat besar! Itulah kesan pertama yang kupikirkan :D

―― Dengan pengecualian Hiroto, kan.

【RUKI】 Ah, itu benar :D Itu karena orang-orang di band-ku memang agak pendek. Kami dan Alice Nine masuk ke dalam lift bersama, dan di dalam, kami merasa seperti dikuasai :D Uruha adalah yang paling tinggi di

band-ku, tapi dia masih bukan tandingan Shou-kun. Pada hari aku berdiri di samping Tora, aku benar-benar merasa tertindas :D

【Shou】 Soalnya Tora memang yang paling tinggi di Alice Nine, kira-kira tingginya 182 cm.

【RUKI】 182 cm! Aku merasa seperti berada di dalam dunia kerajaan Gulliver.

【Shou】 Ahahaha. Kerajaan Gulliver :D

―― Tapi, berbicara tentang struktur keluarga, RUKI adalah yang paling muda dari dua bersaudara laki-laki, dan Shou-kun adalah anak sulung dan punya adik perempuan, kan? Hari ini peran anak sulung dan anak bungsu tertukar :D

【RUKI】 Ah, begitukah. Hari ini, walaupun nuansa senior-junior itu terasa terbalik, pada kenyataannya, sifatku lebih cenderung seperti seorang adik, lho :D

―― Sepertinya kalian berdua tumbuh dalam keluarga yang sama-sama keras ya.

【RUKI】 Benar, keluargaku memang keras.

【Shou】Keluargaku juga.

―― dan walaupun begitu, kalian berdua menjadi pemain band…

【RUKI】 Ahahaha. Itu adalah reaksi, reaksi :D Ini adalah hasil yang muncul dari lingkungan yang keras seperti itu. Aku bahkan tidak boleh mewarnai rambutku. Apakah keluarga Shou-kun juga keras seperti itu?

【Shou】 Ya, peraturannya sangat ketat. Aku harus belajar, dan belajar, dan setelah itu, saat di SMP, muncullah perasaan ingin memberontak itu. Walaupun sikap introvert itu masih belum berubah sejak saat itu…

【RUKI】 Shou-kun, introvert, ya :D.

【Shou】 Itu benar. Apakah aku tidak terlalu memancarkannya!

【RUKI】 Be..begitu ya… Itu hal yang susah untuk dijelaskan, bukan? :D Tapi sekarang kau berkilauan, karena kau seorang vokalis :D Ngomong-ngomong, apakah aku juga berkilau? :D

【Shou】 Tidak, itu juga termasuk reaksi. Kurasa itu tepat sekali karena adanya bagian yang suram di dalam hatiku, aku mencari cahaya. Waktu di SMA, aku bergabung dengan klub basket, tapi karena ada kecelakaan, aku jadi tidak bisa ikut serta dalam pertandingan lagi, dan itulah titik balikku.

【RUKI】 Kau pernah kecelakaan?

【Shou】 Iya. Terjebak di dalam mobil, tidak bisa mengikuti pertandingan, jadi tidak bisa melakukan apapun, dan ketika di depan mata menjadi semakin gelap, aku jadi mati rasa saat melihat video LUNA SEA-san yang ada di Shibuya Stadium. Itu waktu SMP kelas 3, ya. Dari sana aku bisa melihat cahaya.

【RUKI】 Aku mengerti. Jadi bukan basketball.

【Shou】Iya. Bukan basketball. Ini dia! Itu yg aku pikir. RUKI-san juga mengikuti LUNA SEA-san, ya?

【RUKI】Tentu saja, tentu saja. Bicara masalah itu, kita tiba pada omongan soal akar musik ya.

【Shou】Iya, kan.

【RUKI】 Itu, walaupun aku pikir, aku tidak merasa bahwa alur obrolan sampai saat ini adalah obrolan yang sesuai. Tapi Shou-kun dari tadi bicaranya ditahan-tahan. Ayo, yang semangat donk~  Bicaralah lebih terbuka lagi~

【Shou】Ah, iya. Maaf!

【RUKI】 Hey, kamu masih kaku :D Sebentar, bagaimana kalau kita ganti temanya jadi 『Meeting untuk mengungkap Shou-kun』:D?

【Shou】Tidak, tidak. Setiap Ruki-san berkata dengan jujur pun, kalau minum dengan tidak benar itu mustahil, kan :D

【RUKI】 Bicaralah lebih terbuka! Kaku kaku kaku! Tapi, ini juga karakter Shou-kun, ya. Karena itu adalah dasar dari kepribadianmu. Itu adalah salah satu poin kuat dari Shou-kun. Di samping itu, dalam generasi kita, dalam konteks hubungan senior-junior tetap ada generasi yang begitu kaku sampai mempengaruhi kita, kan. Dalam hal itu, karena kita berasal dari generasi yang sama, aku bisa mengerti.

--Karena itu juga karakter dasar RUKI-kun, ya.

【RUKI】 Kepribadianku, kepribadianku. Walaupun aku sendiri yang berkata begini, itu betul-betul kepribadianku juga.

【Shou】 Iya, ya. Tidak, tapi, karena setelah bertahun-tahun masuk ke perusahaan, jadi punya sifat yang kaku :D Waktu baru saja masuk ke perusahaan, aku pikir aku tidak begitu kaku seperti sekarang, lho. Karena dulu aku bodoh :D Tapi, aku pribadi dalam band jadi selalu serius agar bisa menghadapi satu sama lain, semakin dilakukan, pasti akan bisa sehebat para senpai, kan. Dengan melakukan itu, kesopanan pun lama-lama jadi semakin dalam.

【RUKI】 Yah. Kami pun begitu, ketika Alice Nine masuk ke kantor perusahaan, mereka terlihat masam dan berjalan lurus ke depan. Sepertinya mereka mengeluarkan aura yg mengatakan 'jangan dekati aku'.

【Shou】Saat pertama kali, aku tidak bisa mendekat, ya. Takut.

【RUKI】 Saat pertama kami masuk kantor, karena kami datang dari lingkungan yang berstruktur vertikal, kami benar-benar tidak ramah. Aku rasa mungkin kami mengeluarkan aura seperti, "jangan bicara pada kami!" Kesan seperti itu mungkin tertinggal pada Shou-kun ya :D Sekarang kami sudah dewasa, jadi lebih rendah hati, ketika pertama bertemu orang misalnya, aku jadi kaget, "tanpa disangka2 ternyata dia asik diajak bicara ya!"

【Shou】 Ahahaha. Tapi, menurutku itu adalah hal yg penting dalam struktur vertikal, lho. Aku tidak berpikir itu adalah sesuatu yg salah.

【RUKI】 Iya, ya. Walaupun tidak pernah muncul di khalayak ramai, aku juga berpikir bahwa yg disebut dg berdiri sebagai orang atas itu, adalah sesuatu yang umum dan penting, walaupun sebagai orang yang hidup di atas. Dengan artian seperti itu, pada posisi seperti itu Shou-kun pasti tidak akan membelok, kesan yang tertangkap adalah laki-laki yg berbeda, ya. Aku mendengar pembicaraan dari sekeliling, bahwa walaupun Shou-kun itu memiliki aura yg lembut, tetapi kalau marah akan menjadi orang pertama yg akan berubah seperti seorang raja iblis, ya :D

【Shou】Ahahaha. Tidak, tidak.

-- Biasanya ramah, tapi tanpa disangka2 keras kepala ya, Shou-kun :D

【Shou】Iya. Benar-benar keras kepala, ya.

【RUKI】 Aku pikir itu bagus. Kalau tidak begitu justru tidak baik. Oleh karena itu sekarang ini tidak baik. Karena aku sekarang tiap membuka mulut, hanya bisa berkata, "Orang2 muda zaman sekarang!"

【Shou】Ah, aku juga! Sebenarnya, ada banyak hal yang aku pikirkan!

【RUKI】 Kalau pembicaraan seperti itu, mau sesering apa pun juga bisa. Ah, kita jadi berbicara tentang obrolan itu. Kalau aku sih tidak apa2, tapi Shou-kun dan image-nya, bagaimana? :D

【Shou】Ahahaha. Tidak apa-apa kok!

【RUKI】 Tentunya, sampai usia sekian tahun, dengan mengalami lingkungan yg berstruktur vertikal, pasti berpikiran begitu ya. Kalau kamu itu termasuk yang "level pemalu, kan!". "Karena aku ceroboh......" itu sebutan levelnya, kan.

【Shou】Iya, iya. Benar-benar bisa dimengerti. "Perkenalkan diri dengan baik!" itu yg kupikirkan.

【RUKI】 Begitulah. Walaupun merasa malu, paling tidak sapalah! Seperti itu, ya. Hiduplah dengan lebih stoic! begitu. Sebentar, Shou-kun, ceritakanlah soal itu.

--Ah, melarikan diri :D

【RUKI】 Tidak, tidak, dari tadi cuma aku yg berbicara :D

【Shou】Sebenarnya, anak jaman sekarang itu menurutku masih kurang kalau hanya dengan usaha tanpa lelah dan menumpuk sesuatu.

【RUKI】 Ahahaha. Muncul juga! Pembicaraan ini jadi seperti diskusi orang tua. Teruskan, teruskan!

【Shou】Itu seperti jalan keluar kehidupan yang menyenangkan, yang rasanya selalu dicari.

【RUKI】 Begitulah. Benar sekali. kalau kami sudah mendekati masa weekend, tapi 'yutori generation' ini baru saja mulai. Masa seperti itu ada. Ternyata, menurutku itu adalah salah dari 'yutori' yg seharusnya tidak boleh. Neo yutori, ya.

【Shou】Neo Yutori! Tepat! Jaman kami dulu, semua berteman baik dg saling meraih tangan untuk bersama-sama melakukan gol! Tidak ada yang seperti (masa) itu lagi ya.

【RUKI】 Tidak tidak tidak. Tidak ada yg seperti itu. Aku mengerti~ (simpati). Di masa2 kami, justru semakin berapi2. Walaupun kita  saling menghormati, tetap saja kita rival kan. Menjadi lebih bersinar. Kalau tidak seperti itu, menurutku tidak ada gunanya. Di posisi yang stagnan, pikirku. Karena aku berpendapat, kita tidak akan bisa berkembang kalau tidak menghadapi krisis. Atau, harus aku katakan, Shou-kun, dengan berwajah seperti itu kamu memikirkan hal semacam ini! Mengerikan!

【Shou】Ahahaha. Biasa, kan.

【RUKI】 Tapi, di masa lalu, walau para member band berkumpul, kita menuliskan 「gagasan profesional-ku」 kan :D

【Shou】Ahahaha. Sudah ditulis, ya. Maksudnya 「Gagasan profesional ・ wanita=×」itu :D

【RUKI】 Betul, betul :D Kamu harus punya jiwa yang lapar seperti itu. Begitu menjadi major, kamu akan menjadi lebih dikenal dan sebagainya, ketika kamu datang ke company, kamu tidak boleh berpikir apakah kamu bisa menjual atau tidak. Karena, menurutku, apapun yang terjadi, kamu harus bisa terus berjuang sendiri. Walaupun kami sudah masuk company, kalau kami masing2 tidak berjuang, tidak ada kekuatan yg bisa kami keluarkan.

【Shou】 Kami ada setelah the GazettE-san, dan ternyata memang ada karena sudah seperti brand PS COMPANY, ya. Yang seperti itu juga ada, selain ternyata kami memang menghormatinya. Tapi, sebaliknya, karena sejak masuk PS COMPANY, walaupun bodoh, karena kita ngga mau dibilang tidak bisa jual apa2, tetapi karena itu kita berjuang latihan setengah mati.

【RUKI】 Itu, itu! Itu juga ada kan jiwa yang lapar. Iya. Itu kalau menurutku, lho. Tapi, menurutku Alice Nine itu hebat. Demi bisa mengembangkan diri, karena menurutku agar bisa melaksanakan lagu yg baik menurut diri sendiri. Menurutku itu, benar-benar ingin menembusnya tanpa harus membelok. Karena kami pun masih belum bisa menyetujui tentang hal tidak bisa memahami. Band yg merepotkan tetapi, karena jadi bukan seperti kami kalau sampai membelok.

【Shou】Iya, kan.

【RUKI】 Seperti yg kuduga, kami serius ya :D

【Shou】Serius ya :D

--Kalian berdua, sebegitunya bukan tipe yang pandai bersosialisasi, tapi mungkin yang biasa saja, ya.

【RUKI】 Aku tidak mudah bergaul kok.

【Shou】Ah, aku juga begitu ya.

【RUKI】 Kalau aku bersama orang yg menurutku tidak menarik, sepertinya aku tidak akan bisa berbicara terlalu dalam dengannya.

【Shou】Itu juga bisa dimengerti ya.

【RUKI】 Ya kan? Lain halnya kalau aku bergaul dengan orang yg perhitungan, walaupun aku ingin tahu tentang orang yg menurutku menarik, aku tidak bisa berbicara banyak dengan orang yg tidak bisa memikat minatku.

--Orang seperti apa orang yg bisa menarik minat itu?

【RUKI】 Aku mengerjakan hal2 seperti desain jaket ((CD)) dan direction, jadi aku tertarik dg orang2 di band yg melakukan hal seperti itu. Berkaitan dengan band, jika seseorang tidak tertarik dengan jaket, maka aku juga akan kehilangan minat padanya. Penting bagiku untuk menyelaraskan minat.

--Dengan artian seperti itu, Shou-kun juga pernah bekerja part time di tailor's shop, lalu semua desain visual Alice Nine pun menjadi suatu hal yg dipikulnya, ya.

【Shou】Iya, benar. Karena aku juga memikulnya, ternyata memang karena menurutku RUKI-san itu hebat. Secara pribadi, RUKI-san itu, mengerjakan konsep dengan "seandainya ini bisa terjadi, pasti bagus, ya", yg sedikit demi sedikit rasanya jadi bisa dilakukan dulu. Walaupun ada yg disebut penyesalan seperti "Uwaa~, sudah dilakukan!". Benar-benar minat yg selalu menarik kehadiran, ya. Itulah RUKI-san.

--Menurut kalian, terlihat bagaimanakah di mata para fans?

【Shou】Apakah mungkin orang yang aneh, ya?

【RUKI】Bukan itu masalahnya!

--Apakah mungkin seorang pangeran?

【RUKI】Iya, kan. Ternyata memang begitu ya. Mungkin seorang pangeran, ya.

--Walaupun RUKI-kun itu sudah pasti bukan seorang pangeran, ya.

【RUKI】 Ahahaha. Aku memang bukan pangeran, ya. Walaupun aku pikir paling tidak Saga bisa seperti itu :D, Shou-kun itu bisa jadi pangeran yang sempurna ya.

【Shou】Ini saat masih kanak-kanak, waktu itu aku tidak suka kalau harus terlihat keren.

【RUKI】Mau bagaimana lagi, memang keren kan.

【Shou】 Tidak, tidak. Penampilanku tidak menarik, kok. Aku benci terlihat keren, bisa menghancurkan dari diri sendiri, pada diriku sendiri.

【RUKI】 Benar juga. Ada perasaan seperti itu ya. Setiap setelah melihat live, aku selalu berpikir seperti itu. Karena keren, walaupun terpaksa, tapi pada akhirnya tetap dilakukan juga karena dirasa keren.

【Shou】Tidak. Hal itu mustahil!

【RUKI】 Kamu ini pemalu ya.

【Shou】Iya, ya.

【RUKI】 Manisnya~ :D
[wawawawaaaa >///////<]

--Sebentar lagi sudah 30 menit. Sudah tiime limit.

【Shou】Ah, satu lagi boleh! Aku hanya punya pertanyaan untuk RUKI-san.

【RUKI】Silakan, silakan :D

【Shou】 Bagaimana cara mengakumulasi imej source yang RUKI-san miliki? Kalau boleh, tolong beritahu cara meregangkan antena itu. Aku, kalau diberitahu tentang hal itu, akan bisa mati dengan tenang.

【RUKI】"Mati dengan tenang":D! "Mati dengantenang" katanya :D! Tidak, di mana antena itu kutambatkan ya... khususnya, bukan karena menambatkannya ya. Aku juga tidak terlalu mendengarkan musik dan suara band. Dalam kasusku, karena desain dan musik berjalan bersamaan, jadi tidak bisa dibilang kalau antenaku ditambatkan secara masing-masing dan terpisah... ... tapi, yah, secara kacau, aku suka cerita di balik itu semua :D Aku sangat suka gosip :D karena hal seperti itu juga, aku memasukkan bermacam-macam pengetahuan :D Walau bukan tentang kehidupan sosial, tapi aku suka gosip yang tersimpan di dalam hal-hal seperti itu.

【Shou】 Lirik lagu RUKI-san, menurutku selalu bisa mengeluarkan sisi kemanusian. Kalau bukan hati orang yg bersih, apakah bisa berpikir hal yg buruk itu buruk. Karena itu, RUKI-san itu benar-benar orang yg berhati bersih, aku pikir begitu setelah melihat lirik lagumu. Dalam posisiku, karena banyak lirik lagu yg cantik, sambil berpikir kebalikannya dimana itu akan menjadi kasar.

【RUKI】Begitu, ya.

【Shou】Karena itu, RUKI-san itu orang yg baik!

【RUKI】Ahahahaha. Kenapa tiba-tiba berkata seperti itu :D Tapi, terima kasih untuk sanjungannya.

【Shou】Saya ingin lebih banyak mengobrol. Lain kali, pelan-pelan tolong ajak saya untuk minum bersama!

【RUKI】 Benar juga. Lain kali pelan-pelan, ya. Sebenarnya, Alice Nine berusahalah! Kami juga tentu saja akan berusaha sekuat tenaga. Tentu saja, karena aku pikir kami juga harus berusaha demi perusahaan yang mendukung kami.

【Shou】Baik. Kami akan berusaha! Kali ini terima kasih banyak!

【RUKI】Sama-sama. Waktu pergi minum-minum nanti, sedikit saja jangan berbicara yang kaku, ya :D

【Shou】Saya akan berusaha mencobanya :D


Yutori Seidai adalah sistem pengajaran yg diterapkan pemerintah Jepang sejak tahun 2002.

tumblr_m7rj4qdKEf1qk8pwco1_400 tumblr_m7rj4qdKEf1qk8pwco2_400 tumblr_m7rj4qdKEf1qk8pwco3_250 tumblr_m7rj4qdKEf1qk8pwco4_250
tumblr_m7rj4qdKEf1qk8pwco5_250 tumblr_m7rj4qdKEf1qk8pwco6_400 tumblr_m7rj4qdKEf1qk8pwco7_400

Translators: theGazettE_INA & Alice9_INA
original interview: oricon.co.jp

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Alice Nine Delusional Call

Alice Nine 妄想電話 application information

Get the app:
Android | iPhone (yet to be released)


The application includes:

  • Links to all of the members blogs + staff
  • Shortcuts to pictures posted on their blogs
  • Links to all twitter accounts
  • Profile information
  • Preview of each song on the “9” album (they will probably update the previews with every release)
  • Links to all official A9 websites
  • News updates (A9 staff twitter account more or less)

Premium details:

¥350 per month or 344アメG (ameblo) in order to receive:

  • A call from each member Monday-Friday
  • Secret ‘delusion’ photos of the members updated weekly
  • Access to live wallpapers of A9

Call schedule:

  • Monday = Saga
  • Tuesday = Nao
  • Wednesday = Shou
  • Thursday = Hiroto
  • Friday = Tora

Sometimes special events are held - the first one was chance to live chat with the members to commemorate the release of the application.

Even if you don’t pay for the full services, this app is a must have for all A9 fans who want to keep updated!

Ps; plis join the community or their tumblr for the newest updated! ^^

Shou's BDay Event

well,, saia uda beberapa hari ga on,,tepar saiaaa XD ngurusin ini-itu yg berhubungan bwt kuliah.. :DD dan saia blm sempet buka pidio tentang tuw bule yg dateng ke bday event nya shou.. tapi... pas tadi buka fb,ternyata ada yg nyeritain scr tertulisss! ihiiiiyy~!! XDD soalnya listening saia kurang baguss,,jadi... enakan nyang iniii <3

Thanks to; harunohime who write this story~ ufufufuuu

Shou (Alice Nine) – Birthday Event (A wonderful Tea Party) @ROBIN’S CLUB Ebisu (2012/07/05, Thursday) [FC-only]

On July 5th this year, the third BD-Event ever organised by clubALICE was held at the ROBIN’S CLUB Ebisu. I got into the first of the two rounds by lottery. Opening time was at 14:45 and the event would start at 15:30. According to the schedule, it was supposed to end at 17:00 o’clock, but we left the event space actually a little bit late because it also started a few minutes later. Right after the door opening, we were led by a female staff member downstairs. In front of the big door to the room we had to take an identity check, which required our clubALICE ID-card (with photo), a normal ID and the payment confirmation mail, either printed out or on the mobile phone. We were then asked to draw our seat number and were given a map with the seating plan of the room. Then, you were allowed to enter and go to your place.

Once you sat on your place, one of the waiters would bring you your cake. Every seat had a menu card that was designed and written, as well as signed by Shou himself. On this card, the description of today’s menu, a Chocolate Chiffron Cake with seasonal fruits and Bergamot Earl Grea Tea, was written down. The whole atmosphere was really elegant and it gave you the feeling of being at an important place. As soon as all the 100 people were inside, the man, whom I think was the manager of this place, took the microphone and greeted everybody. He then gave a short explanation as to what would happen now, before he called the “waiter” Shou inside. Shou appeared in a silky black suit and next to him was Dasoku, in a white suit. Dasoku would push the small car with all the tea cans on top and go from table to table, while Shou served everybody tea.

He really served all of these 100 people there tea! One by one! And he was so close to you because of it. At every table, he would chat a little, saying things like “It’s Earl Grey, my favourite black tea.” or “I’m so nervous right now… What if this cup falls out of my hand and the tea flows out because of it?”. At this point, I have to admit that he was very adorable. there. The manager of this place then said that everyone who had their tea served were allowed to begin with eating while Shou continued with his work. Before eating, everyone was taking pictures of the whole cake set, the only thing that was allowed, probably, since taking pictures was of course prohibited. At my table, everyone was like hesitating, but then I just took a sip of  my cup of tea and somehow, everybody started with drinking tea or eating cake, finally. It was delicious cake and the tea also had a nice scent. (I like black tea, especially Earl Grey. ^^)

While everyone was eating, we all looked at the two young men walking around and serving tea. When they were finally done, they were asked to sit down on the two chairs that were prepared in advance. This was the point, where the photos, that were shown since their appearance since now (Shou preparing the place for this event.) disappeared from the screen. The manager then asked Shou and Dasoku to have some small talk, after they introduced themselves, while everyone was eating. First of all, Shou was asked to describe today’s menu: “Well, the cake is a chocolate cake. I’m a chocolate lover, you have to know. And the tea is an Earl Grey tea. It’s something I buy often and prepare to drink myself. I really like it, but recently I haven’t had time to properly enjoy it. Please do enjoy the cake… Since I, myself, don’t have any…” And then he sobbed theatrically. Everyone laughed at this point.

During the smalltalk, Shou talked about having very few friends (He sobbed again.) and then explained, how he got to know Dasoku. He also said that he was very glad to know him and that he was happy that Dasoku agreed to help him out today. Then they were asked by the manager to talk about Anime/Games/Manga. Both were suprised by it, but they then did what they were asked to.

Dasoku: Isn’t it a bit dangerous to let us talk about this topic?

Shou: I know what you mean…

Dasoku: I mean, we’re both Otaku… It’s gonna be very dangerous.

Shou: Well, we were asked to do so, so let’s do it.

Dasoku: First of all, I think that there might be a huge difference in genre interests. I mean, the guests are female and we’re male…

Shou: Well, I think I’m quite similar to the females.

Dasoku: What do you mean?

Shou: You know, I really do like cool guys in manga! They’re all so cool and awesome and just simply great! Oh, they’re also very good-looking.

Dasoku: …

Shou: I especially like the guys from Final Fantasy. In Final Fantasy VII, I just adore Cloud! Isn’t he just one hell of a handsome guy with so much coolness it’s already hard to handle? (His eyes were sparkling as he said this. xD)

Dasoku: Wow, you’re really into it now…

Shou: Oh, and you know, I like Bleach! Out of Bleach, I like Byakura, the brother of Rukia. He’s so good-looking! And out of D.gray-man, I really like Allen Walker.

Dasoku: The main character, right?

Shou: Yes! He’s just totally cool!

Dasoku: You know that people might get the wrong idea of you if you continue like this? (He was grinning as he said this.)

Shou: Oh… OH! You know, it’s just admiration! Nothing else! (Everyone was laughing at this point.

Then it was Dasoku’s turn to talk about himself. If I understood him correctly, he’s drawing manga himself and quite a few fans knew and read it. Also, Shou said that Nao’s the total opposite of him and likes little girls with big eyes and such characters. A few minutes later, the manager announced that the audience was now allowed to ask a few questions, whatever it may be.

The first question was about what kind of BGM was running when Shou first appeared. It was the orchestra version of Final Fantasy VII game music. Sounded quite interesting and Shou was also advertising it. (Download it at iTunes.) The second question was more fun. The girl said: “Dasoku-san, Shou-san, please say a good point about each other.” The two of them were slightly confused at that moment and the audience laughed.

Dasoku: Such a question… No, such a request is…

Shou: Well, I’ll start then. (He turned with a serious look to Dasoku.) You look gorgeous today! This suit really fits you and your character and your sexy voice just gives it the final touch~! (And then he smiled.)

(Everybody in the room was like: OMG… O_O)

Dasoku: … Ehm… I don’t know what you’re saying…

Shou: Hey, it was a serious compliment!

Dasoku: I know, but it was just so sudden… Anyway… Thank you.

(The audience applauded.)

Dasoku: Well… It’s my turn now, right? What shall I say…? Well, the suit is really fitting you and makes you even cooler than you already are.

Poor Dasoku was unable to cope with the situation and so the fan said she was sorry. However, everyone was having a fun time, especially the clubALICE staff that was walking around and took pictures, as well as recorded some of the things. The manager of the event space then said that time was running and so they had to come to the last questions. It was a question about Dasoku’s Level in Monster Hunter.

Dasoku: Well… To tell the truth, I don’t really know. Was it 300 or so? I’m not sure.

Shou: Wow, this is impressive!

Dasuke: Eh?

Shou: You know, recently, I had to ask Tora to help me. I was stuck at some point in the game and couldn’t continue… With Tora’s help, I was able to level up to 64, though.

Dasoku: That’s nice, isn’t it?

Shou: Of course, but you know, I kinda feel sorry for Saga… He was also stuck somewhere but Tora couldn’t help him and so he gave up in the end.

So, this was the last question. They moved on to the next sequel. The manager said: “Since the two of you are vocals, you have to sing something for the audience of course.” Everyone was excited about the duet of Dasoku and Shou. Shou introduced the song JEWELS to the audience and afterwards, the intro of the song was running. However, after only five seconds or so, Shou had to ask the staff to stop it.

Shou: Please, once again from the start.

Dasoku: What’s wrong?

Shou: … Well… I missed my entry…

Dasoku: (He burst out in laughter.) You’re serious?! It’s your song! The song of YOUR band!

Shou: I know, I know… T^T

Adorable Shou, that’s what everybody thought at this moment, I think. xD Then they sang this song together. It sounded really beautifull to me. Everyone listened to it and was just overwhelmed by how great it sounded. After the two of them ended this song, Shou talked about another song that they would be going to sing. Before it started, the two of them had a short talk about it again.

Dasoku: I’m kinda worried…

Shou: Why? You wanted to challenge this song?

Dasoku: I know, but after practicing it, I had to realise that it was really high-pitched… Will I be able to do it?

Shou: Well, you’ll succeed! Everybody, please listen to Niji no Yuki.

And then the two of them really sang this beautiful song. Everybody was just awed and it was a very nice atmosphere. Seing Shou sing was really something incredible. He was full of emotions and totally into the song. Dasoku did quite well with the high-pitched parts oft the song. After the two of them ended, there was a long applause going on and it didn’t stop until a few minutes later.

The event was near its end already. The manager asked the two to say something last before he would end the event. First, Dasoku said that he was glad being here and he really enjoyed it. Then he said thank you and it was Shou’s turn. Before Shou could say something, the lights suddenly went out and everybody was singing Happy Birthday to him. One of the staff members was bringing a huge bouquet of beautiful red roses into the room and gave it to Shou who was just simply speechless by this surprise that was kept secret from him. When he finally found his voice again, he said: “Oh, right… It’s my birthday today. I forgot. And for a man to receive red roses… It’s a bit embarrassing… However, I really like them. Thank you, everybody! I’m really happy!” He bowed a little and smiled very happily.

Soon after, the manager said goodbye and Dasoku and Shou left the room together. The staff then explained that we had to wait here for them to get organised. The event was at its end now, but everybody would have a little time to hand presents or letters to Shou personally during the handshake event at the end. And also, Shou would give everyone a candle with lavender scent. It was also something he especially chose for this event and on every table, there was one of these. They do smell pretty nice. Everybody was following dilligently the directions of the staff and lined up patiently to slowly leave the room. One after another stood up and had the chance to talk a little to Shou.

The same thing for me. When it was my turn, I was very nervous, but somehow, I was able to give him my Birthday Card to him after I wished him a lovely birthday and exchanged a few words with him then. Shou’s huge… I wore heels and he was still taller than me… and his smile is simply charming. =) He was very happy when I told him I was from Switzerland and would be going to the Court of “9″ #2 tour. It would’ve been great if I were able to talk to him for a bit longer, but soon the staff already said I had to go, like to every other person. So, I received the small black bag with the candle in the inside and we exchanged words of gratitude before I went for the stairs to leave the event space.

Outside, there were already the people of the second round waiting and lined up. The staff came outside and asked for patience since it turned out to be a little later than it was expected to end. It was already around 17:15 at that time… And with some souvenirs (We were allowed to keep the signed menu card.) and a very good memory of today’s event, I left the place and went home.

weeeelllll! o.m.g!! really beautifullll >< ah~ gabisa bayangin tar acara nikahan shou kayak apaaa~ wong acara ultah aja begini indahnyaaaaa~ aissssssssshhh *pundung

Le-Shou a.ka Leko

well.. kucingku yg bernama le-shou a.ka leko mati pas tanggal 4 kemaren.. T^T dia kucing biasa sii,,masi remaja jg.. tpi dia unyuuu bgt! motifnya ky chikin (kucingnya akang tora) tapi warnanya kuning gitu.. ah! unyu2 bgt deh pokoknya! TT_______TT dan sekrang, si moka (sodaranya leko) jg lgi sakit. kyknya bakal mati deh... huhuhuu T^T